THEAran and the unions have finally arrived at the port with a renewal of the contract long awaited by many workers who had expired it about 3 years ago. A renewal of the contract which concerns more or less 135.000 professionals in the healthcare sector. For management staff and doctors salary increases and salary arrears are coming for the 2019-2021 contract. And these are truly significant figures as we will see later. However, this is not the only news regarding this new collective agreement for these workers.

Almost 300 euros in salary increase and up to 10.000 euros in arrears, contract renewed

We naturally start from what interests workers most when it comes to a new contract. We are naturally talking about salaries. In fact, for managers and doctors, almost 300 euros of salary increases are arriving (average amounts), and also arrears of between 6.000 and 10.000 euros for all the months of absence of the contract. The figures we are talking about are gross of course. And for the arrears they should begin to be paid between February and March. Satisfaction of the social partners and of Aran for the white smoke of the renewal. And not just for salary increases. Because as mentioned in the introduction, the news doesn't stop at the salary increase.

The news of the new contract for managers and doctors

Safety at work and workers' health in first place among the innovations introduced by the agreement between unions and Aran. Extra hours worked which now take on greater importance from the point of view of their recovery. Working hours exceeding 38 (34+4) must now be made up after their completion with holidays and additional permits. An authentic rewriting of working hours. And there are also new features for the replacement system in the event of absence due to illness. A new discipline for agile or remote working and a new specific healthcare allowance also enter the sector.

Almost 300 euros in salary increase and up to 10.000 euros in arrears, contract renewed last edit: 2024-01-24T19:49:16+01:00 da Giacomo Mazzarella

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