The farmers, led by Melegnano, shook the streets from Sanremo to Rome, with an unusual gesture: trying to access St. Peter's Square with the Ercolina cow, already protagonist of an initiative in front of the Ariston theatre. Their voices were raised in protest during Pope Francis' Angelus, but the access gates denied them entry. The updates on the tractor protest and the details of the parade.

Tractor protest, what happens

On the evening of Friday 9 February, around 23pm, there was a moment of strong impact when around 200 tractors of the movement Agricultural redemption they stormed Rome's ring road.

This demonstration was the culmination of a series of targeted actions, with the departure taking place from the garrison on via Nomentana.

The tractors have traveled more than sixty kilometers through the streets of the capital, carrying forward their message with determination and passion.

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Along the route, the police ensured the safety of the procession, while the tricolor flags waved proudly, a symbol of unity and farmers' solidarity.

This demonstration was not only a protest action, but also the result of an important meeting between representatives of the agricultural movement and the government.

The establishment of a open and constructive dialogue between the parties involved it represented a significant step towards the search for shared solutions and respect for the farmers' requests.

From the Raccordo to the Circus Maximus

Crossing the historic streets of Rome, they reached symbol places such as the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, thus giving voice to their claims with strength and determination, while demonstrating their unwavering desire to be heard and understood.

Despite the presence of Carolina cow, symbol of the protest, the farmers were stopped by the police as they tried to enter St. Peter's Square during Pope Francis' Angelus.

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After the government's meeting with the protesters, which fell short of expectations, the agricultural movement announced new actions, including the "tractor protest" of February 15th at the Circus Maximus with an expected 20.000 participants.

The government has proposed measures such as the expansion of the agricultural income tax exemption and a tax credit for the purchase of agricultural machinery, but it remains to be seen whether they will be sufficient to calm tensions.

Tractor protest in procession from Sanremo to Rome: updates last edit: 2024-02-12T21:23:38+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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