The beginning of next week, according to the Italian weather forecast, will be characterized by a worsening of conditions meteorological. After the impact of an area of ​​high pressure in the western Mediterranean at the weekend, new disturbances are expected which will bring rain, strong winds and snow to several regions at least until Friday.

Italy weather forecast, what happens

The high pressure that dominated the western Mediterranean over the weekend is giving way, giving way to a succession of disturbances which will lead to precipitation, snowfall and intense winds, especially on Wednesday 17st January.

Looking ahead for the week, we expect an increase in precipitation and winds on January 17, with a second disturbance that could further accentuate the Maltempo.

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The thunderstorms will initially involve the Centre-North and subsequently also the South, with a strengthening of the winds, initially from the south and then from the west, especially in the western areas.

The worsening will also involve the northern area with widespread rainfall and the return of snow on the Apennines, albeit at still relatively high altitudes, around 1600/1700 meters according to the latest updates.

Thursday and Friday

Thursday 18 January and Friday 19 January will represent a sharp change in atmospheric conditions, characterized by a decisive lowering of temperatures. The arrival of a wave of freezing air it could cause snowfall, extending almost to the plains and along the coasts, with particular reference to the Adriatic sectors.

Although the disturbance moves away eastward on Thursday, there will be a remnant state of instability on internal and Tyrrhenian areas of the Centre, up to Campania.

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In Thursday's climatic context, relatively mild temperatures are expected to remain in the South and in Sicily. Friday will be characterized by a further entry of cold air at high altitude, giving rise to a phase of intense cold and bad weather over several areas.

The combination of decreasing temperatures and the presence of rainfall could intensify the weather impact, requiring particular attention to local conditions and forecast updates.

Italy weather forecast: rain, wind and possible snowfall last edit: 2024-01-16T14:00:00+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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