Next February 05th, in the evocative Chapter Hall of Palace of Minerva in Rome, the prestigious event of “Assotutela Award for Italian Excellence“. Organized with passion by the president of Assotutela, Michel Emi Maritato, and under the guidance of the event's godmothers, the Hon. Stefania Pezzopane and Eleonora Daniele, the ceremony will be dedicated to illustrious personalities such as Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Rosario Livatino, Piersanti Mattarella, Domenico Ricci and Vito Schifani.

Assotutela Award, Antonio Desiderio among the award winners of the show

The recent confirmation of news reveals that he is among the awardees in the world of entertainment Antonio Desiderio, born in 1976, renowned international Dance and Ballet manager. With two decades of commitment to bringing Italian art to the world, he will be honored with this prestigious award during the event.

Commenting on the award, Desiderio states that he has received numerous awards in the dance field, both in Italy and abroad. The Assotutela Prize, however, assumes for him a particular meaning, especially considering his commitment as an Italian and Roman.

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The recognition comes exactly in his twentieth year of managerial activity, during which he has constantly tried to promote the Italian cultural heritage and support the best national talents on the international scene.

Desiderio underlines the importance of protecting cultural heritage and supporting talent as fundamental elements for maintaining high standards prestige of Italy in the world.

Emanuele Schifani, Pietro Orlandi, Marina Conte, Maria Tuzi and the others

During the ceremony, a distinguished group of personalities from the dance industry will be present, each of whom has played an important role in Antonio Desiderio's career.

Among these, here are those who will be awarded the honor as Italian Excellences: Giuseppe Picone, world-renowned star and international choreographer, Christian Cellini, well-known international dancer and choreographer, e Sabrina Bosco, international choreographer and new Director of Dance at the Opera Theater of Tirana.

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The list of illustrious awardees of this edition includes prominent figures such as Emanuele Schifani, current captain of the Fiamme Gialle, Peter Orlandi, brother of Emanuela, Marina Conte, mother courage of Marco Vannini, Maria Tuzi, daughter of Brigadier Santino, and numerous other protagonists of the Italian scene.

Various authorities, including administrators, technicians, intellectuals, magistrates and exponents of the institutional, sporting, healthcare, social and cultural world, will receive awards in recognition of their competent and professional contribution to the country and the world.

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