The parachute is a regulation that has created quite a bit of controversy in football for some years. A way to financially help clubs that are relegated to Serie B.

But how much is the parachute equivalent to? After Salernitana and Sassuolo, the last day of Serie A decreed that Frosinone will be the third and last team to be relegated and therefore will have to play in the cadet championship next season.

How much do you earn with a parachute?

The regulation provides that the club that has played at least 3 of the last 5 seasons in Serie A (even non-consecutive) receives a parachute of 25 million (this is the case of Sassuolo e Salernitana), while those who have only played a single season (like Frosinone) receives 10 million.

Although there are occasional rumors among fans that the parachute is "convenient", the President ofGreece Verona, Setti, explained in recent days: "the parachute is a joke, no one wants to retreat".

Serie A, parachute: here are the earnings of the 3 relegated teams last edit: 2024-05-27T22:00:13+02:00 da Staff

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