The "without traps" decree is about to bring a revolution in the panorama of speed cameras, redefining the rules for using speed meters on the road. The main objective of new rules for speed cameras is to ensure adequate transparency in the use of these devices, eliminating possible abuses and dubious contexts that have characterized their use over the years.

New rules for speed cameras, what changes

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, presented a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing a fair and correct use of speed cameras.

Among the most significant innovations, the obligation for Municipalities to obtain authorization from the prefect before installing new speed cameras emerges, thus demonstrating that these devices are intended to improve road safety.

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One of the most significant changes concerns the signs: there will have to be speed cameras reported in advance with well-defined minimum distances, both in urban and extra-urban areas.

Furthermore, it will be prohibited to install speed cameras in cities where the speed limit is lower than 50 km/h, while in extra-urban roads they can only be placed where the speed limit is at least 20 km/h lower than that set by the Highway Code.

The transition period

The decree also provides for a 12 month transition period to adapt speed cameras to new regulations.

During this period, fines issued will remain valid, but prompt action by Municipalities is hoped to avoid future legal disputes and ensure a smooth transition to new rules.

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Despite these important changes, the problem ofapproval of speed cameras, on which the decree did not provide exhaustive clarifications.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport has guaranteed that this issue will be resolved by the summer, paving the way for a more transparent and fair use of these transport devices. speed control on the road.

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