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La città

Milano it is a fascinating city that's for sure, organized, frenetic, cosmopolitan. It is the hometown of many internationally renowned personalities from Caravaggio, to Alessandro Manzoni to Cesare Beccaria, just to name a few, a source of inspiration for many writers, directors and artists. It has been and is a staple of the Italian economy, just think that it is the most important city in the industrial triangle. It employs many Italians but not only, it is an international and intercultural city. Over the years, Milan has established itself in various fields, the one in which it commands all over the world is that of fashion. It is the first Italian city with the highest number of people employed in this sector, and has become the capital of Fashion Week. International event that hosts celebrities from all over the world and that brings millions of tourists to Italy. In addition, it hosts many fairs and events, among all we mention theExhibition, which brought, in the 2015 edition alone, over 20 million visitors.

Something of Milan ...

In Milan, there is the famous theater alla Ladder ditto "The Ladder". It is the main opera house in the city, one of the most prestigious and well-known theaters in the world. It was inaugurated on 3 August 1778. Since 1800 it has had the honor of hosting the likes of Verdi and Wagner. In Milan, also the Piccolo teatro Strehler  which hosts performances of prose, dance and concerts, an enchantment! And again the Museum of Science and Technology which has the largest collection in the world of machine models starting from the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.

the Milan staircase

The Duomo of Milan

Il Duomo it is the symbol of Milan, famous all over the world, an unmissable destination for tourists but not only. It is the largest church in Italy and is the seat of the parish of Santa Tecla, the holy disciple of St. Paul. It is not only a place of prayer but an important artistic monument in the Gothic style. The white marbles of Condoglia, a particular marble from a quarry on Lake Maggiore, are always well kept to enhance the beauty of the details of the Duomo. The interior of the church is magnificent. There are 5 naves, very high finely decorated windows, each of which represents a scene. The altar is majestic, around it there are very high windows of indisputable beauty. Under the windows, i sarcophagi of San Carlo Borromeo, Ariberto d'Intimiano and Gian Giacomo Medici. The Duomo has 145 spiers, the tallest was built in 1774 and the famous one is located here Madonna 4 meters high and covered with gold leaves.

Milan Cathedral

It's still…

It's a campus which, with its important faculties, Bocconi e Catholic and its Academy of Fine Arts, allows millions of students from all over the world to live, study and graduate in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. In short, in Milan it is impossible to get bored. It is also pleasant to walk around the city. There are many itineraries, but what you absolutely must visit is the Old Town. The ideal route starts from the Duomo, continues through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele with its beautiful glass roof arriving at the Cupolone, where it is possible to take a ride on the mosaic of the Bull placed in the center of the dome made entirely of glass. Then La Scala square, the famous via Montenapoleone  where you can see how elitist Milan is.
It will be beautiful then, to conclude the walk along the ships. Over time, Milan stopped expanding horizontally and began to expand vertically, as evidenced by the numerous and mighty skyscrapers that were designed and built, the highest being the Unicredit Tower with its 231 meters.
Fortunately for the Milanese and not, the city is well organized both for the road system and for public transport, forming a perfect, unstoppable and frenetic organism, where those who stop are lost.

What to eat in Milan

Milan also boasts an important culinary tradition. The true king of Milanese cuisine is the salted butter, used in most dishes, twigs risotto, Milanese cutlet, up to panettone. The best known of the traditional Milanese dishes is probably the saffron risotto, with an incomparable color and aroma, which is prepared with saffron. In the traditional recipe, the risotto is prepared with ox marrow.

Among the main courses, the best known and most appreciated is the Milanese cutlet, which according to tradition is made with veal, at least a finger high, and fried in butter. We must of course mention the Ossobuco and the "Cassoeula". The latter is a very rich dish, made with cabbage and rind, head and ribs of the pig. Many cheeses are typical of the Milanese soft cheese, il mascarpone cheese, il grain of Lodi, il gorgonzola.
And here we are with desserts: did you know that the Panettone but also the dove are they Milanese?

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