La Epiphany brought winter to all of Italy. The weekend, in fact, will be characterized by the presence of cold, rain, storms and even snow.

The cold is coming across Italy

La Atlantic disturbance caused a worsening of weather conditions for today. A slight improvement is expected tomorrow north, while it will still be variable at center-south. And for Monday January 8 one is expected to arrive mass of cold air which will lower temperatures by several degrees.

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A weekend of cold and rain

Rain and showers are forecast for today from north to south, some of which may be intense. The only exceptions concern the regions located in northwest of Italy: here in fact the rainfall is easing. Snow is also expected Central-eastern Alps. Precisely because of the weather conditions that are gripping the entire Bel Paese, the Civil protection issued theyellow weather alert for different regions. The disturbance will also continue tomorrow, when gods will also be expected cold northern winds and the freezing air mass will bring temperatures below the seasonal average. Goodbye to acceptable temperatures (even though we are in January) and make room for real cold!

itCatania – Bad weather emergency in Catania, solidarity initiatives (

The forecast for Monday 8 January

Who will return to work Monday January 8 he will have to deal with the polar cold. And therefore it is necessary to arm yourself with jackets, scarves and hats as well as the inevitable umbrella. By the beginning of next week, the rains will continue to be felt South (Sicily and Sardinia); Snowfall below 1000 meters is also expected. In the rest of the central-north However, good weather is expected. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was still rain central-south and on islands and snow is also expected in the internal areas of the centre. Snow also in Aosta Valley, west, north of Piedmont e north-west of Lombardy at low altitudes.

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