Epiphany weather: a deep vortex will influence the Italian climate during the weekend, bringing an intense disturbance characterized by wind and snow. This weather event, scheduled for Friday, January 5, will be orchestrated by a vortex developing directly over the Peninsula. On the day of the Epiphany, the associated front will focus on the north-eastern and central-southern regions, with more significant impacts on the Tyrrhenian side, where bad weather conditions locally intensive.

Epiphany weather in detail

In the northern region, there will be a rapid exhaustion of the phenomena with sunny spells prevailing on Piedmontese Alps and in the Aosta Valley. In other areas, extensive clouds will be recorded accompanied by rains and showers, with greater intensity in the regions of Lombardy, central-western Emilia, upper Veneto and Friuli VG.

Le snowfall, however, are expected in the Alps at altitudes between 800 and 1000 metres, with a decrease to 600 meters in the evening on the eastern side.

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In the center of the country, rains and showers in Tuscany, then extending to Umbria and Lazio, with less intense phenomena in the regions of Marche and inland Abruzzo. Heavy showers in Versilia, Garfagnana and Lunigiana. On the Apennine side, there is still snow starting from 1200/1600 metres.

In the South a rapid worsening in Sicily with widespread rain and showers in Calabria and Campania, with particularly intense rainfall. Rain and showers also occurred in Puglia and in the Ionian areas, albeit in a more attenuated form. In Sardinia: rains and showers from the early hours of the morning, especially on the western side.

Arctic irruption after the Befana

The vortex will maintain its influence on Italy until the end of the week, fueled by arctic currents characterized by sustained winds. This will give rise to further conditions of instability, especially in the Central-Southern regions during Sunday 7th, with the possibility of snowfall on the Apennines.

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Temperatures will record a gradual decrease starting from Northern Italy, heralding a potential increase in the intensity of the cold at the beginning of the new week.

For the week of the Epiphany, they are scheduled new snowfalls over the Alps and the Apennines, followed by a gradual improvement in weather conditions in the northwestern regions of the country.

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