In a recent official communication, the Ministry of Education and Merit has finally revealed the subjects of the second orientation test within theMaturity exam 2024, set for June 20. This announcement represents a crucial moment for high school and technical institute students by providing a clear picture of specific disciplines which will characterize their exam path.

The subjects of the second test

The subject list not only offers details on the new introductions, but also confirms key aspects which will help define the academic future and professional of students. A structured and targeted training panorama emerges, which will serve as a guide for students in the preparation process and in tackling the challenge with confidence. second proof of address.

The careful and conscious choice of subjects thus becomes a fundamental element in the path of each candidate, consolidating the foundations for significant success in the 2024 Maturity and in the future challenges that are ahead.

The structure of the state exam for 2024 will remain substantially unchanged compared to the previous year. The first written test in Italian is scheduled for June 19th, followed immediately by the second address test the following day.

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The oral interview, scheduled as the final phase, will focus carefully on the educational, cultural and professional profile of the students, offering an opportunity to express their acquired skills during the course of study. The exam commissions, responsible for evaluating student performances, will be made up of members external and internal to the school institution.

In some specific sections the inclusion of a third written test, further enriching the assessment and providing students with an additional opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

For high schools, the subjects vary depending on the address:

  • Classical High School: Greek
  • Scientific High School: Mathematics (including the Applied Sciences option and the Sports section)
  • Linguistic High School: Foreign Language and Culture 3
  • High School of Human Sciences: Human Sciences
  • Artistic High School: Design disciplines characteristic of the individual addresses
  • Music High School: Theory, Analysis and Composition
  • Choreutic High School: Dance Techniques

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- technical institutes will present the following subjects for the second test of the 2024 Maturity:

  • Specialization “Administration, Finance and Marketing” and “Tourism”: Business Economics
  • Address “Buildings, Environment and Territory”: Topography
  • Specialization “Informatics and Telecommunications”: Systems and Networks
  • “Graphics and Communication” specialization: Multimedia Design
  • “Productions and Transformations” section of the Agricultural Institutes: Transformation of Products.
Maturity, second test subjects: here is the complete list for high schools and technical institutes last edit: 2024-01-30T17:12:46+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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