Last January 18, the Ax-39 mission took off from Pad L-3A at NASA's Kennedy Space in Florida. It is the third space mission organized by Axiom Space and the expected flight duration is 14 days.

The crew is made up of the Spanish Michael Lopez-Alegria, the Italian Walter Villadei , the Turkish Alper Gezeravci and the Swede Marcus Wandt.

Live with Villadei

In the auditorium of the Italian Space Agency, the connection with the international space station was held in which Colonel of the Air Force Walter participates Villadei within the Ax-3 mission.

Villadei's explanations to children

While connecting Villadei he explained that 40% of the habitable volume of the International Space Station on which he travels sees the participation of Italy. The Italian colonel answered the questions of the children gathered in the playroom of the headquarters Janiculum and told how the work is carried out on board the international space station dedicated to research.

Villadei he explained that his task is to carry out experiments to study and mitigate the physiological effects of space flight on human beings, to understand the biological changes linked to health and diseases on earth and to work to enhance Italian skills in the operational, technological fields and ampersands applied to space.

Italy in space with Villadei last edit: 2024-02-01T11:32:00+01:00 da laracalogiuri

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