Lecce gives away more points and with an incredible result Hara-kiri manages to leave Marassi empty-handed, even after an excellent first half built with good game plans and many (unexploited) opportunities.

Lecce were wasteful in the first half and sensationally so surrendered in the second half of the game. Even with the lead, Lecce threw in the towel in the second half, as if he was waiting to concede the goal, suffering the opponent's impetus, not creating any more opportunities, restarting with extreme difficulty.

Yes, it's sensational. Because it is not the first time that such a compliant reaction has been recorded which makes one think that it exists a psychological and motivational problem in the team. Once again the Salento players play very well in one half, but in practice they don't even take the field in the second. The lack of mental clarity is summed up in Ramadani's final yellow card, as useless as it is heavy because he will miss the match against Fiorentina.

Merciless numbers: Lecce haven't won for a month and a half

Lecce's last victory dates back to a month and a half ago (16 December) against Frosinone. But it wouldn't even be so serious if in the meantime the Giallorossi had brought home some points. Instead only a draw, at home, against Cagliari. A draw that has all the flavor of defeat if you consider that from a survival match, played at home, after having taken the lead, one certainly expects more than a small point.

The numbers are merciless. In the last 5 games, Lecce have only picked up one point: it is the worst score in Serie A. The situation doesn't improve much even if we extend the statistics to the last 15 days: only 10 points, only Salernitana did worse with 9 points. In practice, Lecce is safe at the moment thanks to the splendid first 6-7 days when they started so well (and were in the very top places in the table) that all of Italy was talking about the miracle Lecce. But it was too early.

Is Mister D'Aversa at risk?

Lecce's owners are not used to sacking coaches, but now it seems really important to turn around this season which, after an excellent start, is continuing frighteningly badly. Far be it from us to think that the fault lies entirely with the coach, but it is objective that a swerve must be given.

You don't play with fire and Lecce is now doing it: some other negative result could really affect a season in which the Salento team had the objective of 'raise the bar' and so far, they have absolutely failed.

Lecce, another joke! Is D'Aversa at the end of the line? last edit: 2024-01-28T14:26:08+01:00 da Antonio Murone

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