The “Crayon Vineyard” a Coazzolo, in Langhe, is a place where art and colors mix with the green of nature. The place, which inspires artists, poets and children, is truly magical and unusual. But Coazzolo, in the province of Asti, is enriched with equally curious and worthy places to be visited. Not only the "Crayon Vineyard", therefore, but also the giant bench and the small church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, repainted by the British artist David Tremlett.

"Pastel Vineyard", panorama

Place of serenity and games

The “Crayon Vineyard”, owned byPiercarlo Anfosso Agricultural Company, is studded with numerous giant colored pencils, which have replaced the old wooden poles at the ends of the rows of vines. Pastels immediately capture the attention of visitors thanks to the magnificent glance they create. The place, surprising, fascinates and captivates, instilling a pleasant sense of serenity, freedom and beauty. Here, the little ones have fun running among the artistic installations, in a whirlwind of colors that frees their imagination. The vineyard can be accessed freely.


The small church of the Beata Vergine del Carmine and the giant bench

Before reaching the "Vigna dei pastelli", along the route you can admire the small colorful church of the Beata Vergine del Carmine (which is 150 kilometers from the vineyard), also known as the Moscato Chapel, another example of art immersed in the wine-growing landscape. In the background, the majestic Monviso frames the place of faith, where art and poetry merge as if in an embrace.

"Crayon Vineyard", small church

The little church, built at the end of the 2017th century, was repainted in XNUMX by David Tremlett, using the Wall Drawing technique. The dominant colors are sienna, yellow and olive green. A true riot of color that fits well into the surrounding environment. In these places dominated by creativity, another attraction is represented by Giant bench. It is number 26 of the project Big Bench created by the American designer Chris bangle.

Park bench

Almost two and a half meters high, it is fun for adults and children, who once "at the top" never fail to take at least one selfie. The hills between the Langhe and Monferrato are Unesco World Heritage, dream places, which attract numerous tourists in every season of the year. Coazzolo, a village of just 300 inhabitants, combines good wine and food and wine products with the beauty of the landscapes and the original and colorful open-air works of art.

(Photo: La Vigna dei pastelli, Facebook page)

The “Pastel Vineyard” in Coazzolo, where nature meets art last edit: 2024-01-24T00:45:00+01:00 da Antonietta Malito

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