The march of tractors shouting a stop to cultivated meat also extends to Italy. The 11 countries involved, to which Italy joins, oppose the production of cultured meat and insect meals, as well as increases in the cost of diesel fuel and taxes.

Tractors running

After France, Germany and Romania, Italy, from north to south, is also taking to the streets to rebel against laboratory-grown meat and cell-based foods. In Viterbo the running of tractors blocked Via Cassia, while in Bologna a small delegation demonstrated in front of the regional headquarters.

Great success for the petition

Two million people have signed a petition launched by Coldiretti and supported by 9 other European countries. The self-employed farmers have united to form the Committee of Betrayed Farmers, led by Danilo Calvani, previously head of the 9 December-pitchforks Movement which, in 2013, demonstrated against the State, the economic crisis and taxes.

Today's farmers they refuse to import goods at rock-bottom prices and they also fight on behalf of consumers who may find locusts, worms and synthetic meat on their tables and will no longer eat Italian products controlled at both a health and environmental level. They ask the European Union to change its policy on the subject and to provide support in defense of both agriculture and the growth and work of local agricultural businesses.

The tractor march arrives in Italy last edit: 2024-01-23T16:23:31+01:00 da laracalogiuri

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