In the heart of Abruzzo near L'Aquila, in Goriano Valli, a medieval residence has emerged which promises to become the smallest house in the world, an authentic architectural jewel. The house of just eight square meters will soon be an integral part of the MuDi, the widespread museum of the Sirente-Velino park, scheduled for inauguration in June.

The smallest medieval house in the world

Inhabited until 140 years ago Rachele Mariani e Pierfelice Capestrani, a couple of farmers devoted to caring for orphaned children in the nearby Franciscan Observant convent of San Giorgio, this medieval residence represents a fascinating chapter in the local history.

Their lives intertwined with the community surroundings and dedication to the well-being of the most vulnerable give this home a deeper meaning.

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The creator of MuDi, Fausto Di Giulio, enthusiastically outlines the unique experience that awaits visitors when they cross the threshold of this residence.

This journey into rural past it is enriched by essential furnishings, including a bed made with wooden planks and a straw mattress, a fireplace that tells stories of evenings spent around the fire, two chairs that testify to the simplicity of life daily life, a chest and a basin that evoke the labors of the farmers in the service of the local baron.

The “call” for the museum itinerary

Fausto Di Giulio he also expresses his concern that other families with historic properties in the Aterno valley and in the Sirente-Velino park follow the example, recovering and preserving their structures.

The opportunity to include these properties free of charge in the museum itinerary of MuDi will not only contribute to the conservation of local memory but it will also allow future generations to better appreciate and understand the region's rich history.

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The first MuDi stations, with the medieval house and the one dating back to 1494 with the coat of arms of the Marquises Sannesio-Malaspina, will be inaugurated in June, promising history and culture enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.

The ambitious museum project will also host the Me-To-Me, the CEO Museum for the Future, providing an in-depth look at the history and future of the region, transforming the visit into a complete journey through time and space.

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