The process of school enrollments 2024-25 to the first classes it started on January 18, but the UNICA portal, used by the Ministry of Education and Merit, experienced difficulties with over 180 thousand applications in just 24 hours. Excessive traffic caused slowdowns and malfunctions, generating unnerving waits for families.

School enrollments 2024-25, the problems for UNICA

As reported by Corriere della Sera, the system has seen a 30% increase in applications compared to the previous year, with a server clogging.

The introduction of a new "waiting room" mode has further contributed to the inconveniences, with reports of lost connections and slow compilation of the modules. Despite the inconveniences, 62,1% of users rated the service positively, while some expressed dissatisfaction.

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Registrations will remain open until 20pm 10 February, and the Ministry has guaranteed that the applications will be evaluated regardless of the order of presentation, following the priority criteria established by the Institute Councils.

Compulsory enrollment applies to state schools, while it is optional for private schools. The UNIQUE service it is accessible 24 hours a day, giving users the ability to fill out applications at different times.

New options

Within the innovative possibilities for the first upper classes, it is worth exploring the opportunities offered by the technical institutes and professional courses with a duration of 4 years, which provide 176 experimental places.

This initiative aims to provide students with a specialized training and oriented towards world of work, thus helping to shape future professional skills.

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In addition, starting from January 23rd, the new "made in Italy" high schools will enter the scene, a further option for students who wish to undertake a course of study quality.

These high schools will offer a modern teaching approach and cutting-edge, promoting academic excellence and in-depth study of humanistic, scientific and linguistic subjects.

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