Winter is coming: Italy is on the verge of a sudden one change of season with the approach of a cold air mass of Russian Arctic origin. This meteorological event heralds a notable drop in temperatures across the country, anticipating an imminent winter parenthesis in the days to come.

Winter is coming, temperatures are plummeting

In the next few hours, the irruption of polar air will make its presence felt, significantly influencing temperatures in Europe. From freezing temperatures of -5°C in Berlin to the even colder -10°C in Krakow, the signs of winter are clear. However, what are the prospects of this climate change for Italy?

According to forecasts, a sharp one is expected drop in temperatures, with lows that will frequently drop below zero in the country's plains, at least until Friday. In the North, maximum temperatures will struggle to reach 3-4°C. A'typically winter atmosphere is preparing to cover the entire nation.

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Of particular interest is the unusual phenomenon known as 'Snow from Stau' which will occur in Piedmont. This phenomenon is associated with the thickening of humid air pushed towards the Alps, causing snowfall that will even reach the plains of the region. This meteorological curiosity it could also extend to northern Lombardy and the Po side of Liguria.

Italy is ready to face a sudden change in climate scenario, with falling temperatures and the possibility of witnessing spectacular events snowfall on the plains.

Welcome winter

In the Centre-South, the arrival of disruptions coming from the western Mediterranean will lead to more widespread rainfall, with snow levels expected to be higher. It is important to pay attention to storm surges in the South, as they may generate critical situation along the coasts.

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In summary, this winter phase will be characterized by intense winds in the South, snowfall in the North, and heavier rain in the Centre-South, as well as night-time frosts spread across much of the national territory. Starting from Friday, the return of dense fogs is also expected in the Po Valley.

The ingredients of this winter season they are many and varied. To best face this transition week, it is essential to pay particular attention to all the meteorological elements at play, from the risks of storm surges in the South to the potential presence of thick fogs in the Po Valley. With winter officially here, it is advisable to prepare for a week full of climatic surprises.

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