I Ricchi e Poveri are a piece of Italian music history. We all sang their songs and we continue to sing them, in fact, they have been on the crest of the wave for 50 years.

direct of the literary café with the rich and poor
A photo of the live broadcast of the Literary Cafe

During the 70th Sanremo Festival, after 40 years, Angela Brambati, Franco Gatti, Angelo Sotgiu and Marina Occhiena have returned together to the international limelight, giving all those who were listening the joy and emotion of seeing them together and hearing them sing together. They are loved both in Italy and abroad for their songs, their voices and their sympathy and energy.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing them live for italiani.it.

Interview with the Rich and the Poor, a career of successes and emotions last edit: 2024-01-11T16:47:00+01:00 da Paola Stranges

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