Sabrina, a young poet from Salento, aka Sarinbloog, has published her first book. Sabrina spoke about herself to our microphones and it was truly a pleasure to be able to dedicate time to her and listen to her.

When did your passion for writing begin?

I don't remember a specific moment, but I remember that I was already writing poetry at the age of nine. I liked reading the poems that my sister studied at school and then my mother, during my adolescence, gave me a diary in which I wrote everything that was inside me. That was the first of a long series of diaries and notebooks that preserved my thoughts and emotions. Even though I have always been busy with other things in life, my passion for writing has represented a fundamental project that I have now finally developed.

Why did you decide to publish a book now?

My husband has always encouraged me to follow this passion of mine, as many of my friends have always done, pushing me to write so that my words and my emotions could reach the hearts of those who read them. When I became a mother I realized that, in my small way, I could give my thoughts to others, because each of us gives what we are.

If we train ourselves to associate our inner music with words we can dance with our souls and find a serenity in exile and far from our daily bustles.

So that's why you chose to write a book of poems rather than a novel?

The choice to write poetry is certainly unpopular and, perhaps, risky, but so is my book "On the Precipice of Emotions".

The cover was painted by my husband, an internationally known artist and the pseudonym that appears on the cover is in stark contrast to my real identity revealed in the preface and in the criticism edited by two contemporary poets. The concept of union and that of solitude are the central themes of my book which represents a continuous challenge to understanding, a concrete emblem of the precipice on which life often makes us teeter.

Why in a technological world the choice of a paper-only edition?

Because leafing through the pages, touching them, means truly feeling the words, belonging to them.

This is a book to carry with you, a book that, I hope, makes you want to give it to someone who needs a hug longer than two minutes. This is a book born as a personal satisfaction, without any expectations, born from the desire to feel close to those who suffer, to encourage, with words, those who read me, so that they can find the strength to do better than me, with their own strength.

Thanks Sabrina, it was a pleasure.

Interview with Sabrina, author of "On the Precipice of Emotions", who talks about herself to our microphones last edit: 2024-05-10T07:20:17+02:00 da laracalogiuri

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