In Vicenza, a tragic scenario unfolded with two deaths attributed toswine flu, identified as the H1N1 virus. Currently, three further patients, including a woman in very serious condition, have been hospitalized in intensive care due to complications related to this pathology, including the dreaded interstitial pneumonia. The community now faces a period of concern as the healthcare system mobilizes manage the spread and provide the necessary care.

Swine flu, what to know

Swine flu, also known as the A H1N1 virus, gained worldwide notoriety following aepidemic in 2009, but continues to be a concern due to its ability to mutate and cause severe influenza illness. The A H1N1 virus is composed of combinations of genes from human, avian and swine viruses.

Le symptomatic characteristics of swine flu are similar to seasonal flu and may include fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness and gastrointestinal symptoms. The peculiarity of this strain is its transmissibility from pigs to humans and vice versa.

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Prevention of swine flu is generally facilitated through annual influenza vaccination, which may include specific protection against the H1N1 strain. The adoption of hygiene measures, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding close contact with sick people, also contributes to reduce the spread of the virus.

Given the mutant nature of the A H1N1 virus, it is critical to carefully monitor its spread and adopt effective prevention strategies and control to protect public health.

The vaccine as a shield

The virus, which manifests itself as a flu, could be avoided thanks to the flu vaccine widespread this season.

The ASL (Local Health Authority) of Vicenza has urged the population to get vaccinated promptly to prevent contagion, underlining the importance of practicing good respiratory hygiene and regular hand washing.

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Meanwhile, the situation is also worsening in the Lanusei hospital, in Ogliastra, Sardinia, where two people are in intensive care and three others have been hospitalized in the medical department.

While reassuring that there is no alarm over the flu cases recorded in Ogliastra, the ASL has asked the population to remain alert and to consider vaccination as an effective means of prevention.

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