As reported by Corriere della Sera (Veneto edition) two players from Serie A they would have been sued for a fight outside a nightclub.

The obviously surprising news is bouncing around social media and sports sites at the moment. The argument would have exploded over alleged stolen photos. As reported by the victim, a player (tall and blond) approached the boy to ask if he had taken photos or videos of him and his teammates.

Quarrel started outside the nightclub

When the boy responded negatively, two players asked him to leave the nightclub for view your cell phone. After inspecting it, they would find nothing.

One of the two players would also be accused of threats because of a heavy phrase “do you know what happens to you if you go against me?”

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Phone seized and investigation opened

An investigation has now been opened and the phone has been seized for fingerprinting. The cameras of the room were also acquired to view the images. In any case, they would be two Inter players.

Indiscretion: 2 Serie A footballers sued for an argument last edit: 2024-01-15T20:59:30+01:00 da Staff

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