Il Ministry of Business and Made in Italy is working on a ministerial decree to provide new incentives for the purchase of cars.

Incentives for the purchase of cars, the objectives of the decree

Apparently, the new decree should come into force starting from the month of February and will allocate around 930 million euros for subsidies.


The objectives of the decree are 3: meanwhile, given the presence of around 11 million very polluting vehicles, it aims to allow the replacement of vehicles in circulation. Then, he wants support less well-off families and their purchases, providing those with an ISEE of less than 30 thousand euros with an extra 25 percent bonus. Finally, aim for stimulate the purchase of cars manufactured in Italy.

Incentives for the purchase of cars, the subjects involved

The subjects who can take advantage of these incentives are both natural persons is companies, excluding dealers. This will be based on 3 points: the power supply of the purchased vehicle; the category of the vehicle that will be scrapped and finally the income of the user who purchased the vehicle.

Apparently, according to the draft, the doubling of the bonus for old holders of taxi licenses and persons authorized to operate NCC who will replace their used car during their activity; also involved are the taxis awarded the extraordinary competition for the issue of new licenses and for those authorized to carry out the rental activity with the presence of a driver. The incentives will also be intended for small transport companies for the purchase of new commercial vehicles.

“Social Leasing”

Finally, with the new decree, there will also be a 50 million euro contribution “Social Leasing” aimed at natural persons who stipulate a rental contract of no less than 3 years of one of the vehicles eligible for the ecobonus. The aim is to allow less wealthy families to be able to use less polluting vehicles.

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