Michela Murgia, who passed away at just 51 years old last August, leaves an important literary legacy with hers posthumous book “Dare la Vita,” published by Rizzoli. Known for masterpieces such as “Accabadora” and “We are storm,” Murgia presents in this work a bold “other model of motherhood,” exploring the possibility of giving life beyond biological conventions and underlining the importance of the “bonds of 'soul' compared to those of blood.

Giving Life, posthumous book by Michela Murgia

Michela Murgia's perspective on motherhood is not only challenging, but it subverts traditional conceptions, opening a profound reflection on how we can be parents of chosen children and build families without blood ties.

This theme, covered in his posthumous book “Dare la Vita,” develops over 128 pages intense reflections collected in the last weeks of his life.

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The work offers a intimate access to the many facets of affection, underlining how openness towards others not only does not reduce, but actually amplifies love.

Murgia, famous for works such as "Accabadora" and "We are storm," challenges with determination the traditional concept of motherhood, placing provocative questions and stimulating.

A subversive act

Murgia talks about her dream of motherhood at twenty years old, and how over time the perception of giving one's life transforms from a scenographic dream to a subversive act, making the reading of "Dare la Vita" such an experience as intimate as it is provocative.

It questions the possibility of being mothers and fathers of chosen daughters and sons, highlighting the possibility of building family ties based on soul affinity rather than blood ties.

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The writer introduces the concept of "family queerness" in the context of her narrative, underlining how facing this perspective is not only a personal choice, but also a political necessity.

In her book, the open dialogue on gestation for others emerges as a fundamental theme, capable of questioning the very roots of being a woman, raising crucial questions on the definition and experience of motherhood in an increasingly diverse and inclusive.

Michela Murgia's posthumous book: another model of motherhood in "Dare la vita" last edit: 2024-01-10T11:29:21+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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