Problems with Irpef withholdings and risk of penalisation in Serie A. The news shakes Serie A and was launched by today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The reason for the problem lies in a procedural error which led to a delay (2-3 days) in the delivery of the documentation. This is the documentation relating to Irpef withholdings that had to be presented in the period prior to 16 November 2023.

Covisoc reported the club

As usual, Covisoc reported the delay to the Federal Prosecutor's Office for the necessary checks. The latter has opened a file to determine the presence or absence of violations.

La Gazzetta reports: "at the moment the club's good faith would appear to be established, as at the end of the terms it had the economic capacity to support the payments due, but this does not reduce the risk of penalisation. "

How the Serie A standings can change after a possible penalty

The club in particular had already had a similar problem and had negotiated the penalty in the standings. This year, another similar situation.

This is Genoa who had negotiated a one-point disqualification. Now, with this situation the club risks up to 3 penalty points. In that case (assuming today's ranking, the penalty) the Grifone would drop from 20 to 17 points.

There are three hypotheses: the Prosecutor's Office could close the case if it finds no violations, it could instead proceed with the trial before the Federal Court or it could proceed with a plea bargain. We'll see.

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