The Italian comic cinematography of 2024 seems to be oriented towards the intricate family dynamics. There are three Italian films at the cinema these days such as “It happens even in the best families” by Alessandro Siani, “50 km per hour” by Fabio De Luigi and “It seems like a lot of Paris” by Leonardo Pieraccioni which revolve around complex relationships between brothers and between parents and children. These three feature films, focusing on the unsaid that become an unbearable burden over time, explore in a comic way the Italian family fabric contemporary.

Italian films at the cinema, the family fabric in the cinema

The film of Leonardo Pieraccioni, “It seems a lot like Paris”, takes us into a touching story in which three brothers decide to join forces to fulfill the last wish of their sick old father. Through a ruse, they pretend to leave Florence in a camper, creating a surreal journey within the confines of a horse stables. What begins as a deceptive adventure to keep his father close to the hospital turns into aopportunity to reconcile, laugh and seek family unity.

Alessandro Siani, with “It happens even in the best families”, gives us a comedy that explores the family chaos Di Rienzo, shocked by the death of her father. The story unfolds through Davide Di Rienzo's attempt to restore balance in a family where the past, marked by his father's shadow, comes back to the surface. The comedy comes to life when her mother, Lina, announces her impending wedding, revealing hidden secrets and creating a whirlwind of hilarious situations.

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In the film of Fabio DeLuigi, “50 km per hour”, we witness the rapprochement of two brothers during a two-wheeled journey through Emilia Romagna. Through beat-up scooters, the brothers face past grudges and dormant feelings, following the wishes of his deceased father. An odyssey through the region becomes the perfect context for exploring thefamily affection, bringing to light both arguments and rapprochements.

Leonardo Pieraccioni, among other things, emerges as the leader of laughs at the box office over the weekend, consolidating his role as a director capable of enchanting audiences with moving and irresistible stories that address the complexities of family life with humor and wisdom.

Also Ficarra and Picone and Pio and Amedeo

In the current panorama of Italian comedy, which sees as protagonists Ficarra and Picone, Pio and Amedeo, Alessandro Siani, Fabio De Luigi and Leonardo Pieraccioni, a fascinating focus on intricate family relationships, about the deep bonds between parents and children and the complexity of brotherhood.

In this refined comic narrative, characterized by one ironic and penetrating look, these talented comedians aim to engage an ever-wider audience, using the powerful tool of the smile to explore family dynamics in a universal and engaging way.

Irony is transformed into a narrative vehicle that crosses the generational barriers and social, making familiar issues accessible to different audiences.

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Comedians, with mastery and creativity, use the language of laughter to lightly dissect the complexities of family life, addressing deep topics with a lightness that entertains and makes you think.

In this context, laughter takes on a magical value: not only does it entertain the public, but it becomes an authentic means of attraction, acting as a bridge between individual experiences and the stories told on the big screen.

The result is a lively and engaging cinematic experience which, through the power of the smile, manages to win back the audience and bring laughter back to cinemas, helping to create a emotional bond between the spectators and the magical world of contemporary Italian comedy.

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