Milan Linate airport revolutionizes the travel experience. Face Boarding in Milan, a cutting-edge system, promises greater safety and respect for privacy for passengers. Armando Brunini, CEO of SEA, assures that this innovation marks a step forward in the convenience and safety of flights to and from Milan.

Face Boarding in Milan: innovation at Linate

Face boarding represents a step forward intravel experience. The innovation allows passengers to pass through security and boarding checks exclusively through facial recognition.

This means saying goodbye to traditional boarding passes and documents: your face becomes the key to access the boarding gate. The service, which has successfully passed tests since 2020, is the result of the collaboration between Thales and Dormakaba, guaranteeing a reliable biometric system and highly efficient.

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Armando Brunini, CEO of SEA Aeroporti di Milano, emphasizes the importance of this initiative. An innovation that translates into improving the passenger experience, ensuring that the protection of personal data is at the center of this project.

The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, expresses his pride at the introduction of this cutting-edge technology, which makes Linate the only airport in Europe to offer a system of accessible face boarding to all airlines.

Faster boarding

Thanks to simple registration via kiosks in the airport or via mobile devices, passengers will be able to enjoy a seamless check-in process faster boarding and fluid.

This eliminates the need to present documents and boarding passes.

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SEA has already planned to extend this service to theMalpensa airport. This translates into a constant commitment to offering this innovation to an ever-increasing number of passengers.

With face boarding, Milan continues to stand out. The city is a hotspot for innovation in the air transport sector, ensuring an experience of cutting-edge travel and unprecedented for its visitors.

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