Euro Vision Song Contest 2024, the Malmö Arena triumphed Switzerland. The silver microphone goes to Nemo. In the land of the Vikings and Abba it is a success for the song "The code“, which won the votes of the jury of delegates from the 37 countries and those of the public televoting which made the Swiss jump to 591 points. On the podium, Croatia and Ukraine. Angelina Mango's Italy, with “La Noia”, in seventh place.

Eurovision 2024, cheering for Angelina Mango from Italy

Everyone from Italy is rooting for Angelina Mango and "La Noia", winner of the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival. For the Lucanian artist, however, a seventh place in this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, at 268 points, at the end of the sum of the votes of the jury of delegates from the 37 countries and the televoting of the public.

Eurovision 2024, Switzerland's triumph is called "The code"

In the 368th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, therefore, Switzerland's triumph is called "The code". A song, that of the artist Nemo Mettler, who started among the favorites, which talks about gender awareness. An already evident success, given the abundant collection of 12 points from the juries of various countries and confirmed by the public televoting, in a head-to-head with the Croatian Baby Lasagna. Therefore, the silver microphone and the honor of hosting the next edition of the singing festival, in 2025, go to the Swiss.

Angelina's Italy in 7th place

Angelina Mango's Italy in 7th place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. “La Noia” collects 268 points. On the podium of this edition, behind Switzerland, are Croatia and Ukraine. Baby Lasagna and the Alyona duo Alyona and Jerry Heil collected 547 and 453 points respectively. Fourth place for France, with the song “Mon Amour” by Slimane, narrowly beaten by Maneskin in the 2021 edition. In fifth place, after a reversal in the rankings, Eden Golan's Israel, with 'Hurricane', at 375 points: a hymn to seeking hope even in the most desperate situations. Above Italy, in sixth place, Bambie Thug with “Doomsday blue”.

Eurovision 2024, triumph for Nemo: the victory at "The code" last edit: 2024-05-12T01:18:09+02:00 da Gianmarco Cossu

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