The awards ceremony for the renowned "Energie per Roma 2024" competition took place in the Sala della Protomoteca in the Campidoglio in Rome. The event, organized by the European Center for Cultural Studies, celebrated the excellence and dedication of numerous Roman talents who have distinguished themselves in 2023. More than 80 Roman citizens received awards for their contributions in the artistic-cultural sectors, social, entrepreneurial and volunteering. Among the jurors present, Prof. Fabio Pompei, president of the jury, Alessandro Alongi, Councilor of the XII Municipality, and Diana Stefani, President of A.P.A.S. and ambassador of Telefono Rosa. The Hon. Mariano Angelucci, Councilor of the Capitoline Assembly, welcomed the guests underlining the importance of rewarding those who actively contribute to the growth and well-being of Rome.

Fausto Soldini: successful entrepreneur in the Maltese restaurant industry

Among the winners, Fausto Soldini stands out, a well-known restaurant entrepreneur who has been successfully operating in Malta for ten years. He is known for authenticity in gastronomy and also for his friendliness and irony. Originally from Rome, Soldini began his entrepreneurial career in the Italian capital. His passion for cooking and the desire to explore new horizons they took him to Malta, where he launched his first restaurant ten years ago. Over the years, Soldini has been able to transform his single initiative into a real restaurant empire. Today, with eight restaurants under his management, he has managed to make his establishments points of reference for those seeking an authentic Roman gastronomic experience. In addition to the long and constant work and the recognition received at "Energie per Roma 2024", Soldini's reputation is further consolidated by his new project. We are talking about the opening of a new restaurant in Cyprus. This not only broadens its commercial horizon, but also offers the opportunity to promote Roman cuisine in another context.

Fausto Soldini is therefore an example of how passion, dedication, entrepreneurial spirit and empathy with customers can translate into tangible and recognized success. His professional trajectory not only enriched the Malta's gastronomic panorama, but has also inspired many restaurateurs and chefs to pursue their dreams with commitment and creativity.

“Energie per Roma 2024”: entrepreneur Fausto Soldini awarded last edit: 2024-01-19T15:39:12+01:00 da Paola Stranges

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