The Government officially announced the conclusion end of the protected market starting in January 2024, impacting approximately 10 million users. For those who have not yet made the transition to the free market, this means a automatic passage to the Gradual Protection Service for electricity and the Placet offer for gas, unless you fall into the category of "vulnerable customers". In this comprehensive guide, we explore what will change, how to avoid the new measures, and provide essential advice for an informed transition.

End of protected market, what happens?

January 1, 2024 will mark the end of the protected market for gas, followed by the end of the protected electricity market on 10 January 2024, as established by a ministerial decree. This event will have a significant impact on the approximately 10 million domestic customers still linked to the "protected market", characterized by economic conditions regulated by the Energy Authority.

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The transition to the free market is a process accessible to all. Users of the protected service can make the transition at any time, selecting from the numerous offers and rates proposed by energy suppliers. Using an online fare comparator, like ours, offers a quick and clear way to identify the most advantageous offer based on your personal needs.

What changes from January 10, 2024

From 10 January 2024, for those who have not yet made the transition to the free market, the "Gradual Protection Service" comes into play. This system guarantees the continuity of the electricity supply with specific economic conditions. The supplier will be selected through an auction by the Authority, ensuring uniformity of treatment for all domestic customers involved.

End of protected market 2024
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Unlike electricity, in the gas market all free market suppliers are also able to provide contracts under the regime Greater protection. Therefore, no auction will be necessary to identify automatic suppliers for those who do not make their free market choice by 1 January 2024. They will automatically switch to the current supplier's Placet offer.

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For a smooth transition, it is advisable to compare rates on the free market now. Our online fare comparator is a valuable tool for identifying the offer that best suits your needs. A informed comparison, based on criteria such as price, quality and annual expenditure, is essential for an informed choice. To avoid last-minute rush situations, it is advisable to start comparing free market rates for electricity and gas now. Prepare for a more flexible and informed energy future. Remember, your choice matters: an informed switch to the free market is the first step towards significant savings and quality service.

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