Spring temperatures and lack of rain are bringing farmers in southern Italy and the islands to their knees. There drought it is just one of the consequences of the anthropogenic climate crisis that began in 1800 coinciding with the arrival of industrialization.

The invasions against the drought in Sardinia

To fight the drought in recent years Italy has created reservoirs that collect rainwater available to citizens and agricultural companies during water emergencies.

Despite the construction of these tanks, unfortunately every year in Italy 89% of rainwater is lost.

Precisely in this last period, Sardinia has recorded the lowest values ​​of the last 25 years regarding the water resources that fill the reservoirs present on its territory, recording a value of millions of cubic meters of water halved compared to the containment capacity.

La drought it particularly affected the northern and south-western areas of the island, forcing the region to convene an emergency table which led to the restriction, in various areas of the territory, of several million cubic meters of water and imposed a ban irrigation absolute in several municipalities.

The greatest crisis was recorded in the Posada river basin, where a maximum containment capacity of 13% was recently detected in the Maccheronis dam.

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