A Legionella emergency shakes Sicily, with a recent case recorded in a hotel in the region. The situation led to hospital admissions following symptoms of legionellosis manifested by two Italian tourists. The health authority promptly activated monitoring and safety protocols, highlighting the need for accurate controls to prevent the spread of the bacterium.

Legionella emergency, what we know

Legionellosis is a potentially serious lung disease characterized by respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever and breathing difficulties.

Transmission occurs primarily through inhalation of small contaminated water particles, a particularly high risk in environments such as hotels, water systems and facilities with air conditioning systems.

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A recent emergency involved two Italian tourists who showed symptoms of legionellosis during their stay in a Sicilian hotel.

The disease can particularly affect those exposed to systems contaminated water, underlining the importance of safety practices and regular checks.

The specific case

The two tourists, guests in a hotel in the historic center of Trapani, were hospitalized and the mayor Giacomo Tranchida issued an order, prohibiting the use of the rooms until the restoration of the safety conditions.

In particular, the mayor issued a provision concerning rooms on three floors of the hotel: two on the first (103 and 112), one on the second (204) and one on the third (305). The municipal police officers notified the decision to the owner, following the established procedure.

The ASP promptly started a monitoring action, underlining the importance of rigorous controls to prevent the spread of the bacterium.

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Franco Di Gregorio, director of Prevention Department of the health of the ASP, highlighted the need for attention, especially in structures that obtain water from private individuals.

It is essential to understand that the Legionella it spreads through various water devices, such as faucets, fountains, tanks and water heating systems.

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