Un 3.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded today in the area of ​​the Flegrei fields, in the province of Naples, with epicenter at 2 km depth, on the eastern edge of the Solfatara

The shocks, also felt in the Neapolitan neighborhoods of Fuorigrotta, Agnano, Soccavo, Pianura and Bagnoli, have occurred between the 3.47 and the 5.57 in the morning, the strongest of magnitude 3.2.

The subsequent tremors forced the inhabitants of the area to leave their homes for greater safety.

At the moment the seismic swarm is progressing, but no damage to property or people has been reported.

Earthquake at Campi Flegrei last edit: 2024-05-07T10:21:44+02:00 da laracalogiuri

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