Un double transplant exceptional led to the healing of a three year old child and eight months battling myeloid leukemia. This extraordinary procedure, carried out at the Irccs Sant'Orsola in Bologna, is unique in Europe and represents only the second case in the world, according to what is reported in the medical literature.

Double transplant for a three year old child

The little patient, originally from Bosnia, was able to access the necessary care thanks to the fundamental collaboration and generous support provided byAgeop-Research Association, which facilitated his transfer to Irccs Sant'Orsola in Bologna.

Here, he was subjected to a complex medical treatment which involved several crucial phases. Initially, a delicate bone marrow transplant was performed, a vital operation in his fight against myeloid leukemia.

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Despite careful and targeted care, the path to recovery was interrupted by the onset of a serious complication, the Intestinal GvHD.

This complication made necessary a further phase of demanding and highly specialized treatment, requiringcareful management by the medical team.

Microbiota transplant

After two long months of hospitalization and an intense immunosuppressive therapy, which included the use of experimental drugs, unfortunately the child did not show any significant improvement in his health.

The severe symptoms that persisted prompted the medical team to resort to more drastic measures. Following special approval obtained from the National Transplant Center, it was decided to proceed with a microbiota transplant, an innovative and promising solution.

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Through two complex microbiota infusions, the little one showed surprising regression of symptoms, a tangible sign of a positive change in his condition.

This encouraging development allowed the child to be discharged and return home, finally reunited with his family. This victory over the disease marks an important chapter in the battle against leukemia.

Double transplant on a 3-year-old child with leukemia: first case by age in Europe last edit: 2024-02-06T16:34:13+01:00 da Cristina Gatto

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