THEe-commerce of wines and spirits it is a relatively new market that intertwines the centuries-old tradition of winemaking with the tools provided by modern technologies. It even seems that more conventional sommeliers and wine lovers are increasingly inclined to buy a good bottle of wine online rather than in a wine shop and this is why the global wine market in the post-pandemic era seems to be defined by an experience of purchase that touches multiple channels, including digital. Wine and spirits consumers are in fact increasingly tempted by the range of products, promotional offers and brands and varieties of wine that are difficult to find exclusively at online retailers.

The pandemic complicit in the growth of wine e-commerce

For online companies operating in smaller e-commerce segments, the pandemic has created an unprecedented opportunity to make inroads into people's consumption patterns. THE online wine retailers they seized the opportunity and, as a result, saw their revenues and consumer reach increase significantly. 

With the return of in-person commerce, e-commerce of wines and spirits has placed itself in direct competition with physical stores but, despite this, consumers who have switched to digital during the pandemic seem to have largely maintained the habit of online shopping. 

Buy wines and spirits in a smart way with the Apps

Furthermore, in addition to thedigital purchase of wines and spirits via browser, the Apps also offer a simple and intuitive purchasing method: with just a few touches, from the comfort of your smartphone, you can choose from a varied range of producers, labels and types of alcohol ranging from national and regional wines to international ones, from bubbles to craft beers, come on cognac to grappa. An example for everyone is the App of the Italian Bernabei which, with its centenary experience gained in the beverage sector, manages to convey values ​​online and also via App such as maximum attention to customer needs, careful choice of every single label offered and customer loyalty through impeccable quality of service. But let's see, in detail, what benefits and advantages consumers find in purchasing wines and spirits online.

The advantages of buying wines and spirits online

Buying wine online offers numerous advantages compared to purchasing in a physical store. First of all we have the advantage linked to comfort: online wine shopping allows you to choose and purchase wines comfortably from home at any time, without the limitations of the opening hours of a physical store and this makes everything faster. Convenience is also found in Delivery. After placing your order, the wines are conveniently shipped directly to your home and this eliminates the hassle of carrying heavy bottles and allows you to avoid transport and parking problems. Some online retailers also offer fast delivery options for greater efficiency.

Another advantage is related to wider choice: Online wine retailers often have a much more diverse selection of wines than brick-and-mortar stores. You can explore wines from different regions, countries and producers in one place. 

Furthermore, for each wine, they are provided detailed information, including tasting notes, vineyard details, winemaking techniques and customer reviews. This information allows you to make choices more inclined to your preferences and in line with your tastes.

Also competitive prices, generated by the lower overall costs compared to physical stores are a considerable advantage and buying wines online is particularly convenient when it comes to sending a bottle of wine as a gift. In fact, it is possible to easily choose gift sets, curated collections or even personalize gift baskets for the Christmas period with your favorite bottles of wine and sparkling wine. With just a few clicks you can have the wine delivered directly to the recipient, saving time and effort.

Bernabei: an Italian excellence that has become international

Bernabei is one of historic Italian families specialized in the production of wines, which has now become a protagonist also with regards to the digital sales channel which is generating truly extraordinary numbers. All this thanks to the possibility of giving the customer an experience that goes beyond the simple online purchase, also adding the possibility of browsing between constantly updated labels every day, choosing them conveniently from the website or the new App and receiving them at home in very short time.

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