La Sanremo 2024 press conference opens in a gripping manner, during which Amadeus faces the righteous protest of the tractors. The live broadcast of the presentation of the 74th Sanremo Festival, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 6 February, was full of incisive statements.

Sanremo press conference and Amadeus' statements

Amadeus shared his during the Sanremo 2024 press conference respect for the agricultural protest, defining it as fair and sacrosanct in the context of the right to work and employment protection.

Amadeus' statements have left a tangible mark on the electrifying atmosphere surrounding theflagship event of Italian music.

Fiorello's speech, characterized by his witty humour, even made the unusual suggestion of having the tractors on stage, thus transforming the situation into a light and entertaining moment.

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The combination of seriousness and fun has contributed to creating even more intense anticipation for the next Sanremo 2024, promising anunique attendee experience and unforgettable for spectators.

The other points of the conference

The beginning of the conference shed light on one of the most anticipated festivals, generating anticipation and curiosity.

Amadeus, in addition to discussing the tractor protest, addressed the rumors surrounding it alleged pressures by Rai to adopt a "melonian" format.

Clearly and firmly, he categorically rejected such accusations, underlining that he enjoyed them total freedom in running the festival.

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This statement unequivocally represents a signal of artistic and decision-making independence, consolidating his leadership and authenticity in shaping the upcoming edition of Sanremo 2024.

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