Coffee cream is a sweet pleasure to be enjoyed and which, with the arrival of the beautiful days, cannot be missing from our tables after lunch.

Coffee cream, when coffee is a pleasure

Yes, this is a dessert that coffee lovers will especially love. This is a super delicious version and different from the usual cup of coffee. It combines energy and sweetness that create that perfect mix to improve our super hectic days.

International Coffee Day –

The ingredients of the coffee cream

To make it, you will only need: 70 grams of coffee, 40 grams of sugar and 300 grams of fresh cream.

Il Caffè del Marinaio, the drink born on board fishing boats (

How to realize our sweet proposal?

First prepare the coffee, let it cool by placing it in the fridge. Then whip the cream and gradually start adding the coffee. Work everything until it is homogeneous. Let rest and serve.

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