Sensational news in the world of Italian football. The news, given by the president of the Lega Serie to Lorenzo Casini, is creating a whirlwind of reactions on social media.

Social reactions

The fans who didn't think of such a choice were outraged. Many think that this is a real lack of respect on the part of the Lega Serie A towards the fans.

“It would be a shame” says Manuel, “another lack of respect for the fans who, it must be remembered, are the engine of Italian football” says Luigi. Even harsher is Mirko who proposes to cancel all Dazn and Sky subscriptions if this idea comes to fruition.

Serie A, matches abroad: the situation

Speaking at the Social Football Summit in Riyadh, the president of the Lega Serie A Lorenzo Casini spoke about the possibility of playing an entire day of the top Italian championship abroad. That wasn't enough fool of the Super Cup

These are his words: “It's something we are evaluating, with pros and cons. The first, obviously, concerns the fans who could miss a match. The location would be to be determined. We are working on it, but at the moment it would not be possible without authorization from FIFA and UEFA."

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