What happened was truly sensational. The match will be replayed for technical error and therefore the result is cancelled.


It happens in the Jupiler League, i.e. the Belgian Serie A. This is the match between Anderlecht-Genk. A sensational mistake due to ignorance of one of the basic rules of the game of football, that of penalties, led to the sensational decision to have the match replayed. Here is the video:

What happened?

During the first half, a shot from Genk player Paintsil hit the hand of an opponent, Delaney. Referee Nathan Verboomen did not recognize the irregularity of the Anderlecht midfielder, but VAR warned him and then awarded the penalty to the visitors. So far everything is normal. Heynen appeared on the spot, his shot was blocked by Kasper Schmeichel, who however could do nothing with Yira Sor's subsequent rebound into the net.

The celebration of the Genk players for having scored the opening goal was stopped by the gesture of the referee who pointed to the penalty spot again to have it countered because the player who had scored had entered the field before the penalty was taken. Up to this point everything is fine, except that VAR decides to become the protagonist. It intervenes in the match director's earpiece, indicating with absolute certainty, without the need for on-field review, that the penalty it should not have been kicked again, but play was instead supposed to restart with an indirect free kick in favor of Anderlecht. But in the upper part of the screen, clearly visible, there were also two Anderlecht players inside the area. Therefore, by regulation, the penalty should have been taken. The race, for this mistake, will be officially replayed.

Sensational, VAR technical error: a Serie A match will be replayed last edit: 2024-01-26T22:57:51+01:00 da Staff

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