There's very little left now Carnival 2024! Also Scordia, in the province of Catania, is preparing to celebrate the most beautiful and colorful festival of the year with lots of entertainment, masks and smiles that will liven up the various days.

Carnival 2024, the joy of always

La city ​​of Scordia is preparing to live the Carnival 2024. The construction machine has already been in action for a few weeks to make everyone, young and old, experience the joy of the celebration. There's a great atmosphere on social media too! As regards the program, there are various appointments on the calendar. The morning of Thursday February 8 space for school parades; we will be there to welcome them Sonia's Magic Party in Piazza San Rocco. On Tuesday and Saturday, however, there will be space for parades of masked groups.

It's Carnival! Typical desserts of the period –

On the morning of Sunday, space for masked 4-legged friends; same location, but in the afternoon, appointment with the parades of small masks. Every evening there will be dancing in Piazza San Rocco with the Yalla Band and, afterwards, lots of music with the various DJ sets that will alternate, making those present go wild.

The parades

For this Carnival 2024, it is possible to sign up for fashion shows, such as the “parade of small masks”, which will be held on Sunday 11 February at 15,00 pm and is aimed at all children aged 0 to 13; it is possible to register at the headquarters of the Carnival committee in Piazza Umberto I at number 6 (Palazzo Modica) from Monday to Friday from 16,00 pm to 19,00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9,00 am to 12,30 pm . Registrations will close on February 11th at 12,30 pm. For information you can contact Sonia Nania on 3454069073.

The Carnival Masks in Palermo, from Peppe Nappa to the Riavulicchi (

Furthermore, it is possible to propose yourself as “unscheduled guests” and is aimed at all artists who have the pleasure of taking the stage with the best performances. To apply, you can contact the artistic director Valentina Marchese on 3473928758.

Sunday 11 February will be held, at 10,30 am, “4-legged masked men”, aimed at all dog breeds. The proceeds will go towards strays; to register you can contact Ornella Di Benedetto on 329/1041928.

Finally, on Tuesday 13 February, at midnight, there will be thecarnival extraction with rich prizes up for grabs. The policies can be purchased by going to the headquarters of the Carnival committee.

Carnival 2024, the countdown has begun in Scordia last edit: 2024-01-30T06:29:00+01:00 da Christine Scevola

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