Who knows how many of us will have followed this cartoon, weeping, and will be passionate. It was part of the life of many generations from the late XNUMXs to the XNUMXs. But you all know a when did the very first episode of “Candy Candy” go on air? We will tell you about it, trying to retrace the success of a japanese anime beloved also in Italy.

candy Candy
The protagonist of the cartoon

Candy Candy arrives in Italy four years later

The first episode in Japan aired on October 1976, XNUMX, while in Italy it arrives four years later. To broadcast the Japanese channel Asahi Tv. The first episode of 115, the long story of the orphan, of her adventures and misadventures, of her great loves Anthony and Terence. In Italy, however, he arrived on March 2, 1980. The cartoon is a japanese manga of "shōjo" genre by Kyoko Mizuki and drawn by Yumiko Igarashi. The animated television series produced by Toei Animation was broadcast in Italy from 1980 to 1997. There is also a novel of the same name published in 1978.

Candy Candy with Albert
Albert's character will hide a secret which will be revealed at the end

The story of Candy Candy and her thousand adventures

The story of the life of the orphan Candy Candy has really fascinated many generations. Her loves, her misadventures, her passion for the job of a nurse. Tragic moments but also moments of joy. The story begins in an orphanage, the Pony House, led by Miss Pony and Sister Maria, where Candy and many other children live, such as dear friend Annie. We are at the end of the nineteenth century: it was adopted by the aristocratic family of the Legan. A new, difficult environment for her. She will end up being a waitress and sleeping in the stables. He then meets the Andrew family.

A scene from the cartoon
The protagonist of the cartoon loved for generations

The head of the family, the mysterious uncle William, is absent. He will meet Aunt Elroy's nephews, Archie and Stear. Until meeting their cousin Anthony whom he falls in love with. Candy will also meet Albert, a young wanderer who lives in a forest shelter surrounded by animals. But the drama is behind them: Anthony dies falling from his horse and Candy Candy desperately returns to Pony's House.

The move to London and the love for Terence

The protagonist will move to London, where she will meet her friend Annie and make friends with Patty. In the boarding school he falls in love with Terence Granchester, an Anglo-American aristocrat, bold and nonconformist. But it will be a difficult and troubled story. Then she will leave London as Terence returned to the United States. Faced with the tragedy of the world war, she will then decide to become a nurse. He moves to Chicago, where he finds Albert, wounded in combat and suffering from amnesia. And she will meet Terence, who has become an actor, who will invite her to the premiere of “Romeo and Juliet” in New York. In the meantime, however, her beloved will choose not to abandon the young Susanna, an actress who had lost a leg to save him from the fall of a spotlight during rehearsals for the show. Candy will then return to Chicago, leaving her beloved Terence forever.

Candy Candy with her beloved Terence
Among the great loves of the protagonist was Terence

The dramatic moments in Candy's life don't end

But Albert will also leave her, who in the meantime has recovered his memory. However, the Legan family is planning Candy's wedding to Neal at the behest of their uncle William. But she doesn't want to. Until he manages to track down Uncle William and discover that he is actually his great friend Albert. Benefactor of her life since she was adopted by her family. The marriage is canceled. The end of the Candy Candy story will be a big party at Pony's House, where it all began. This is where Annie reading a newspaper will reveal that Terence has left Susanna. Will the two get back together? Maybe. Meanwhile, the sound of the bagpipes can be heard in the distance, like the one Candy had heard when she was very young. He reaches the man on the hill who turns out to be William Albert. This is the ending we all know. But in the original story Terence stayed with Susanna.

Whatever the ending of this cartoon was, many of us loved it. A romantic story, full of intrigues, passions, dramas.

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