The transfer market is about to close. A very active transfer market despite the fact that in the last winter transfer market sessions there have been few movements in Italian football.

This year, however, many clubs waited until this month to strengthen themselves and look for suitable players. And you can see many negotiations and many conversations between the companies.

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Transfer market: 5 deals ready to be closed

Here are 5 deals that should be closed between tomorrow and the day after. The conditional is a must only because in the transfer market, as we know, everything is possible.

  • Starita at Benevento: the deal is practically closed, the striker should be a new striker for the Campania region and thus greet Monopoli who are already moving to find a striker. He will sign a three-year contract. Great mockery for Avellino. (But Benevento has also closed for Lanini, another deal closing)
  • Cerri at Empoli: will arrive on loan with right of redemption.
  • Zortea at Frosinone: the full-back accepted the Ciociari, rejecting other offers.
  • Basic Salernitana style: now former Lazio midfielder. He said yes to Sabatini.
  • Zanoli alla Salernitana: deal closing, announcement tomorrow
Transfer market: 5 deals that will close in the next 48 hours last edit: 2024-01-14T21:21:03+01:00 da Staff

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