As reported by Sportitalia, the President of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, is working for the reform of the Italian football championships. More than a reform, it would seem like a real revolution in Italian football.

In reality it would be a new format that would overturn all the Italian professional championships, from Serie A to Serie C, obviously passing through the cadetteria. But the novelty lies above all in the reduction of professional clubs.

The idea on the reform of football championships

In essence, significantly reducing the number of professional clubs would be at the heart of the reform of professional leagues. Again according to what was reported by Sportitalia, at the moment it seems that there is no agreement between the clubs, the consultations would have found the approval of the big football clubs who would look favorably on this solution, with the refusal of the medium-small clubs.

Huge reduction in professional clubs

Here's how the football categories could change numerically with the championship reform:

  • Serie A, from 20 to 18 participants;
  • Series B, from 20 to 18 participants;
  • Series C, from 60 to 18 participants;
Italian football, Gravina is preparing the reform of the championships: it is a revolution last edit: 2024-01-09T11:17:09+01:00 da Staff

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