Another lap, another race. Another company has decided to withdraw. Another story like the one that happened months ago.

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Difficult championship and then the sad news

The team wasn't doing well in the championship at all, only 7 points resulting from 2 wins and 1 draw, with 12 defeats behind them, but from here we can't think of retiring.

The problem is that the club also had a particular block and is practically without players. He explained the president everything in a video.

The President's message: "our club withdraws from the championship"

"We no longer have the players – explained the number one of the company –to continue the championship. This is due to the FIFA ban imposed on the team for three sessions. If we had continued the championship, next year we would not have been able to carry out either incoming or outgoing market operations."

Thus, Ostuni, in Eccellenza Pugliese, withdraws from the championship: president Gianluca Fiorentino announced it in a video.

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