The barrels of New Year they greeted 2024 in our country too, with the exception of the municipalities where the mayors have signed a specific ordinance to prohibit their use. Even if for some time their use has become a heated source of discussion, due to the damage, even serious, that they regularly cause to people and animals, bangs and firecrackers continue to be protagonists on New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve bangs, dog

To strengthen the belief about their danger, comes the alarm raised by the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA), relating to the impact they have on the environment and our health. After a careful analysis of the data collected, SIMA has demonstrated that in addition to significantly increasing the presence of fine particles in the air, barrels and firecrackers also represent a serious problem in terms of waste management.

new Year's Eve fireworks

“They pollute and produce waste that is difficult to dispose of”

The New Year's Eve explosions, therefore, in addition to causing serious damage to people, in some cases even death, and scaring animals, contribute significantly to the pollution of the atmosphere, soil and water and produce waste that is difficult to dispose of. In short, they represent a real problem, which should not be underestimated. Alexander Miani, president of SIMA, announced that: “Barrels, firecrackers and explosives, in addition to fine dust, release many dioxins into the atmosphere, i.e. potentially carcinogenic substances”.


Miani also underlined that if we examine a single medium-sized city, it can be said that the fireworks exploded on New Year's Eve alone are able to produce harmful emissions equal to those of the annual activities of 120 waste incinerators. A fact not to be underestimated, which deserves great attention and reflection from everyone. SIMA has also estimated that every New Year's Eve, in the streets and squares of the cities, around 60 thousand casings of barrels and fires remain. A quantity comparable to around 6 tonnes of waste, which is difficult to differentiate.


It's time for a change

This year too, bangs and firecrackers caused damage to people and animals, already many hours before midnight on 31 December, when a child lost three fingers due to the explosion of a bang, and a young man was seriously injured in the head. We remind you that the use of firecrackers and fireworks in Italy, between 2012 and 2023, caused 6 deaths and seriously injured more than 3.200 people. It is estimated that around 5 thousand animals, both domestic and wild, lose their lives every year due directly or indirectly to the use of New Year's Eve fireworks. Maybe it's time to celebrate differently. What do you think?

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