Il Mothers' bonus 2024 constitutes one of the innovations introduced by the Budget Law, characterized by retroactive benefits which date back to January this year. This measure is intended to offer fundamental support to female workers with dependent children, with the aim of improving their economic situation and ensuring greater financial stability for families. Here is an exhaustive overview of this initiative.

Mothers' Bonus 2024: what it is and who is entitled to it

The 2024 Mothers Bonus constitutes an exemption fromsocial security contributions, promoted to support female workers with dependent children.

It concerns both private sector and public administration employees and has the aim of lightening the tax burden of working mothers, effectively increasing their net salary.

The exemption is reserved for female workers who have at least three children for the three-year period 2024-2026 and 2024 also to those who have two children, one of whom is under the age of 10.

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The amount of the bonus corresponds to approximately 9,19% of the salary, with an annual maximum of 3.000 euros and a monthly threshold of 250 euros.

It is a decontribution mechanism at 100%, applied directly to the pay slip and without any deduction by the worker. This measure helps to improve the family budget of working mothers, guaranteeing them an increase in disposable income.

How to claim the bonus

Workers who are entitled to the 2024 mothers bonus are available two ways to request it, offering them the flexibility to choose the one that best suits their needs.

The first option is to contact the employer, providing all the necessary information about the children.

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Alternatively, it is possible to communicate the tax codes of the children directly to INPS through a specifically dedicated application, thus simplifying the request procedure.

Once the request is made, the exemption will be applied automatically in your paycheck as soon as it is available.

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