35% of Zoomers want flexible hours, while 1 in 5 would like a 4-day work week. Professional growth in a healthy and stimulating environment is also fundamental.

Gen Z is revolutionizing the world of work. The arrival of young people in the workplace - 20% of new hires were born between 1997 and 2021 - is redefining priorities and opening the doors to new perspectives and habits.

But what are the demands for companies from this generation? Ali work – Italian HR consultancy and services company -, through the infographic “Gen Z in the world of work: what are they looking for in a company?” explains the key factors that influence their choices.

Work-life balance and opportunities for professional and economic growth are the first needs of Gen Z in the workplace. In fact, 35% of young people require flexible working hours, 27% the possibility of working remotely, while 20% want a 4-day working week to reconcile private and professional life. Finally, 29% underline the importance of regular salary increases.

Two other important aspects are attention to mental health, essential for 25% of Zoomers, and the need to find a stimulating and inclusive work environment that reflects their values ​​(23%). It is no coincidence that 72% of Gen Z say they are considering a job change due to a toxic environment.

Given these considerations, what can companies do to become more attractive to Gen Z? First, focus on upskilling and reskilling programs aimed at managers to understand the needs and work ambitions of this new generation.

Secondly, select personalized professional growth paths by enhancing merit and responsibility. Finally, introduce measures aimed at creating a positive and inclusive working environment based on flexibility, authentic human relationships and mental health care.

This is a time of great change for Ali Work too: the company has become part of the W Group, a European platform for integrated HR services. Business development therefore revolves around figures belonging to Gen Z, who become a fundamental target.

By 2026 Ali Lavoro will double the number of its branches in the area and, in addition to the short working week introduced in February 2023, it is adopting personalized growth paths for the most talented young people.

These described so far are some of the essential factors on which companies must focus to respond to the needs of Gen Z and be attractive. Only in this way will it be possible to complete a process of change destined to transform the world of work compared to how we know it now.

Between flexibility and mental health: here are the priorities of Gen Z in the workplace last edit: 2024-05-29T18:57:44+02:00 da Staff

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