2024 will bring a dowry to domestic workers and carers like any other worker, one stipendio higher. Nothing new or extraordinary because it depends on normal annual adjustments due to the increase in the cost of living. In fact, inflation determines this type of event in employee employment. And for years the domestic sector has been absolutely equal to the others, equipped as it is with its own CCNL and a table with minimum wages. But what are the minimum salaries that a carer or housekeeper should receive in 2024?

Caregivers and housekeepers, here are the figures of the new salaries, surprises on the way

The new minimum wages are the result of the classic annual appointment of National commission for salary updating. Employers' associations and workers' unions, with the canonical meeting to update the salary scales to be applied to employment relationships, have approved the new minimums a few days ago. However, compared to forecasts, the increase will be truly negligible.
The new amounts naturally start from 1 January 2024. Therefore for those workers where the salary in January was identical to 2023, the arrears to be received with the subsequent monthly salary payments already apply.

Here are the real figures of the increases, the new tables for carers and housekeepers

The last CCNL approved in the domestic sector dates back to 2020. But every year the wages and related tables are indexed to the inflation rate. For 2024 the white smoke of the agreement between employers and workers, at the hands of their respective representatives, arrived on January 8th. And the salary increases are, as some associations have shown, 0,56%. Nothing can be done about the feared 5,4% increase that has been talked about for some time. 5,4% is nothing more than the ISTAT forecast inflation rate. But salaries will not rise by 5,4%. in fact the new tables demonstrate this. In fact, for full-service workers living with employers we have, based on level:

  • A: 729,25 euros;
  • AS: 861,86 euros;
  • B: 928,15 euros;
  • BS: 994,44 euros;
  • C: 1.060,76 euros;
  • CS: 1.127,04 euros;
  • D: 1.325,92 euros (plus allowance of 196,07 euros);
  • DS: 1.391,21 (plus allowance of 196,07 euros).

As can be seen, for the classic caregiver without skills certifications, the salary goes from 1.120,76 euros gross per month to 1.127,04 euros.

Caregivers and housekeepers, here are the figures of the new salaries, surprises on the way last edit: 2024-01-24T15:18:58+01:00 da Giacomo Mazzarella

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