The non-arrival of Ernesto Starita toAvellino it did not go down well not only with the fans, but also with the management of the Irpinia club. The company's general director, Giorgio Perinetti, spoke about it when interviewed by First TV launched a harsh dig at the Benevento.

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It was the Samnites who prevailed over Avellino in the negotiations for Starita. Below are Perinetti's words, reported by tmw and which we report in full.

Perinetti: Starita-Avellino? Jab at Benevento!

"I don't want to talk more, but what happened is unfortunate, reaction. It's not like what the agent said about him. The letters are written to Santa Claus, I know the rules well, I also have more experience than him, because I'm older, of course."

Perinetti adds: “the lawyer is a great professional, but we made an error of judgement, placing trust in a professional who did not reciprocate it."

Then the harsh words towards Benevento. Perinetti follows: “I have an impression, Benevento took him more to take him away from us than to actually take it because he needed it. My impression, then for goodness sake".

Avellino, Perinetti heavy on the Starita affair last edit: 2024-01-23T17:06:42+01:00 da Staff

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