Sanremo 2024 previews: The Festival promises to surprise spectators with an unprecedented scenography, curated by the historian set designer Gaetano Castelli. In a preview full of anticipation, a twist is announced at the center of the stage, an element that promises to be the centerpiece of innovation of the upcoming edition.

Sanremo 2024 previews

Gaetano Castelli announces an intriguing surprise for the guests on stage at the'Ariston. This year, the scenography, inspired by the flower festival, stands out for suggestive curves that lead the viewer into a truly "magical vault".

A relevant element is the lack of LED wall, on which Castelli places particular emphasis, highlighting his strenuous fight against these screens and underlining the return to integrated lights in the project.

The result is a scenario that lights up in a strategic way, highlighting the scenographic design in an attractive way.

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The synergy between artisan tradition and technology emerges as fundamental for Castelli. A combination that promises to make the scenography of the 2024 Sanremo Festival an extraordinary visual and artistic experience.

The size of the stage, thanks to Castelli's mastery, appears immense on the screen, creating a illusion of space.

A twist at the center of the stage

Going back to his first Sanremo in 1987, Gaetano Castelli relives with a nostalgic touch that significant moment. In reflecting on the past, he underlines his preference for the most recent scenography, constantly enriched with current and modern scenographic elements.

The twist at the center of the stage, promised by Castelli, is the focal point eagerly awaited.

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The conquest ofelimination of the scale central is emphasized, with Castelli's assurance: “I'll take away the central one and give you two lateral ones. And I'll give you a twist center stage.”

The wait for February 6th becomes more and more intriguing, as spectators are eager to discover what surprise lies at the heart of Ariston.

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