for carers the salary cannot be decided freely by the employer, or rather, it cannot go below a certain threshold. The category CCNL must be followed to the letter. Also and above all from the point of view of salaries. A caregiver employed 54 hours a week, full time, must be classified as CS level and as can be seen from the recently updated minimum wage tables, he should not earn less than 1.127,04 euros per month. However, the CCNL also provides for an additional monthly emolument which concerns particular cases in certain families. And for the carer another 112,34 euros per month are mandatory.

The caregiver is entitled to 112 euros per month more, that's when

The carer is generally hired to assist a person who is not exactly self-sufficient. We are talking about disabled or elderly people. But if in a family for example, there are two elderly people. What if they both need assistance from the carer? In this case the salary table does not change. But the caregiver should be guaranteed the salary surplus equal to as mentioned above 112,34 euros more per month.

How much is the salary of the worker with two subjects to look after?

The carer who assists non-self-sufficient people hired at the CS level must take more if she is dealing with the needs of two elderly people at home. According to the dictates of the national collective labor agreement for domestic workers, the presence of two people must be paid with an additional allowance of 112.34 euros. It means that for a carer in these conditions the monthly salary should reach more, to reach the monthly salary of 1239,38 euros per month. At the basis of all this is the greater attention that the caregiver must have for both subjects to be assisted. From different medicines, to different assistance times, to more obligations and tasks to be carried out.

The caregiver is entitled to 112 euros per month more, that's when last edit: 2024-01-26T16:12:58+01:00 da Giacomo Mazzarella

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